Wednesday, 31 October 2012

On the way to Madrid!

You can't imagine how nervous and excited I am - in a few days I will already be in Madrid, my next stop on my journey!
I have never travelled by post before, but I am sure I will be fine. Helene found a nice box for me and is just packing me inside. It's a bit tight, but as I am not allowed to travel on my own on a plane, this is the only way to get to Spain.
See you soon!!!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Leaving Austria :(

Leaving Austria
Austria is the best place I’ve ever been to! The cities are great. You can see modern architecture, but also a very old style and everything is full of culture.
Almost everywhere you have a great, awesome view all over the mountains! I can just say that, Austria is THE place to be! To everybody who has never been there: Visit it!
So, now I have to leave it. I was very sad and it wasn’t easy for me. All those people, who I got to know during the last months, have been very friendly to me. IN the next few weeks, I will certainly miss them. I had lots of fun and have really seen much. (In my other blog entries you could read about the what I’ve done In my time in Austria.)My time here has been one of the most interesting times of my life and I want to come back sometime for sure!
So now I can only say goodbye to my Austrian friends. I hope we’ll meet again in the near future. Thanks for accepting and integrating me in your class. Thanks for giving this brilliant time to me.
With love,

Friday, 12 October 2012

Austria's landscape

In Austria there are many mountains. In winter you can go skiing or snowboarding and in summer they are good for hiking. If you come to Austria you have to visit the Stephansdom in Vienna, the highest church in Austria. In Vienna there is also a Madame Tussaud’s and a giant wheel in the prater. The famous river Danube flows through Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Vienna. It’s so famous because the composer Johann Strauß wrote the Danube Waltz. You also have to visit Salzburg because Mozart was born there. The well-known film “Sound of Music” is set in Salzburg. Salzburg is really nice to visit.