Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rockin' all over Sipoo!

After I had been singing rap, I wanted to change style and try some metal. I got to play drums, and it was really fun!

I also tried to play the piano, but it was really hard. As they say in Finnish: “Harjoitus tekee mestarin”, Practice makes perfect...

Thursday, 14 March 2013

French.. pardon?

Today Eero took me to meet his French class...

J'apprends le français! Oh là là...

Voici Minja. Elle a seize ans. Elle adore le soleil et les langues étrangères.

Ça, c'est Matheus. Il vient du Brésil. Il passe une année dans notre lycée. Il n'aime plus tellement la neige...

Ici je suis avec Tommi. Il fait du basejumping (c'est vrai!), mais il déteste mämmi. Joyeuses Pâques, en tout cas!

Enfin, voici mon nouvel ami Ville. Il est très sportif. Il aime jouer au foot et au basketball.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Some leave, others stay

Hello again!

 A couple of days ago I had a chance to participate in one of the most popular
Finnish high school traditions. The oldest students (Abis in Finnish) had their traditional last day with all of them throwing candy to “decorate” the school. I also had a chance to see their “Abi show”.

Here I am with my new friend, Salla. The oldies decorated the common-room and changed it a bit. See how beautiful the flowers are on the curtains!

When there was a break between lessons, some of other pupils got candy from the oldies. Jörgen, the secretary, got some, too. Yum! The sweets they gave me were delicious. :)

Here I am with the oldies. Can you find me? :)

I also had a chance to taste the Finnish school food. First it looked a little odd, but it tasted really delicious! Very handy to have a ready made school lunch at school, so you can’t forget your lunch at home in a hurry. 

"Luulitko, että tämä olisi aivan tavallinen koulupäivä?"
Erm... Wanna translate? 

Goodbye oldies!
There they go to visit other schools on their last day, throwing candy everywhere...