Thursday, 7 March 2013

Some leave, others stay

Hello again!

 A couple of days ago I had a chance to participate in one of the most popular
Finnish high school traditions. The oldest students (Abis in Finnish) had their traditional last day with all of them throwing candy to “decorate” the school. I also had a chance to see their “Abi show”.

Here I am with my new friend, Salla. The oldies decorated the common-room and changed it a bit. See how beautiful the flowers are on the curtains!

When there was a break between lessons, some of other pupils got candy from the oldies. Jörgen, the secretary, got some, too. Yum! The sweets they gave me were delicious. :)

Here I am with the oldies. Can you find me? :)

I also had a chance to taste the Finnish school food. First it looked a little odd, but it tasted really delicious! Very handy to have a ready made school lunch at school, so you can’t forget your lunch at home in a hurry. 

"Luulitko, että tämä olisi aivan tavallinen koulupäivä?"
Erm... Wanna translate? 

Goodbye oldies!
There they go to visit other schools on their last day, throwing candy everywhere...


  1. Dear Scaffy,
    it looks very amazing and funny!
    In the Petrinum we have also a tradition:
    Our oldest students dress up on one of their last day here and then they go from class to class with confetti and water pistols!! :)
    It is really funny they have a radio with them and write something on our blackboards!!!
    So you can see we also have in our school this really nice tradition!
    I miss you
    Katharina <3 ;)

  2. Hi Scaffy,
    I found you at the picture,you are in the middle at the head of another pupil. :) I think the lunch doesn't look odd, in my opinion it's looking realy delicious, but what is it??? Hope you're fine and please come back now!!!! We miss you so much :'(