Thursday, 14 March 2013

French.. pardon?

Today Eero took me to meet his French class...

J'apprends le français! Oh là là...

Voici Minja. Elle a seize ans. Elle adore le soleil et les langues étrangères.

Ça, c'est Matheus. Il vient du Brésil. Il passe une année dans notre lycée. Il n'aime plus tellement la neige...

Ici je suis avec Tommi. Il fait du basejumping (c'est vrai!), mais il déteste mämmi. Joyeuses Pâques, en tout cas!

Enfin, voici mon nouvel ami Ville. Il est très sportif. Il aime jouer au foot et au basketball.



  1. Dear Scaffy!
    First when I read this text I wondered what this all means because I can't speek or understand French. But then a translater helped me. Now I understand this text. I hope you can speek French now after your visit in this class.
    I miss you very much (like everyone in our class)!!!
    Best wishes,
    Laura :-)

  2. hi scafy,
    although I can't understand this text, because I can't speak French, i think it was funny for you in the French lesson. I hope you can speak French after this lesson better than me! ;)
    Tell the students from finland a nice greeting from me and enjoy the rest of the time in finland!! I hope you can come back to Austria soon!!
    Sabrina :)

  3. Hi Scaffy!

    I saw that you learned a bit French. I think it's very cool, because in my opinion French is a very interesting and important language. I can't speak French, but I want to learn it in the future, because like I said I really think that French is a very cool language.
    I hope you enjoyed learning French!


  4. hey Scaffy!
    Because I can’t understand this text I ask a translater for help and now I understand it. :)
    When I was ten years old I went to Paris. It’s a beautiful city and I loved this trip. But it was also very exhausting because we walked the whole day and in the evening I fell very tired in my bed.
    I hope we will see us again!

  5. Heeeyyy, Scaffy,
    However I don't understand what you wrote, i think it's nice. I want also learn this cool language. Next year I learn it at school. Then you must visit us and we can learn the vocabularys together. That's going to be fun :)