Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Guinea pig day

Today I was at a friend´s home. She is in class 4B and her nickname is Kathy. She has two guinea pigs. They are such sweet animals! I immediately got along with them. Did you know, that they like the same food like I do? I ate grass with them! Yummy…! It was very, very good, because the grass came from a farmer. Furthermore, we got some vegetables. Then we played some funny games, for example catch. Of course I was the fastest!! But after some time I couldn´t run anymore and then we made a break. Probably I should train my endurance more. After some time they told me about their lives, and if they liked it to be a guinea pig. They said very positive things. After a while we made a photoshooting. I threw myself into position and I find that I looked very great. I think I looked like a successful model and I also think that I could present my figure well! I am very happy about the photos and I think it was a wonderful day!!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

What's up, people? It's Scaffy here.

On Friday the 25th October I went home with Manuel. He lives on a farm at the border of Linz and Kirchschlag with his parents, his elder brother, his younger sister and his grandmother. They have sheep! That's so cool. Unfortunately, we couldn' t see them, because they were too far away to see. Their sheep are not as cool as me, but they are related to me, so it's cool that his parents have sheep. At first we ate plum dumplings. They were really good. After dinner he did his homework, because he said, that he wouldn't have enough time to do it on Saturday or Sunday. Then Manuel and I played Playsation 3. He can't play Playstation 3 during the week, but at the weekends the sometimes plays it for about half an hour. His favourite game is Fifa 14, so we played a match. I chose the Irish National Team and he played with his favourite club Chelsea FC. On the picture you can see my favorite player. It is very difficult for me to play, because I don't have any fingers, but nevertheless I think Fifa 14 is a very cool game. Then we played football. I'm a very good goalkeeper, because I held a lot of his shots, but outside the goal I'm not so good. I think football is a very cool sport. It's not a traditional Irish sport, but it's really cool. Manuel told me, that he plays football with his brother or he plays football in his club. After playing football I listened to him, while he was playing the guitar. I also tried to play it, because in Ireland a lot of people play the guitar, but I think it looks easier than it is. But now I can already play some handles. In the evening we ate a snack and then we watched the "GROSSE CHANCE". It was fun to watch and there were a lot good talents. Manuel told me that he usually does these things at the weekend. During the week he can't always do that, because of homework and tests. So it was a really cool day!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A day with Tobias

On the 23th of October I went home with Tobias. We went to Gramastetten by bus, a village near Linz. After 30 minutes we arrived at Tobi’s place. He has got an older brother called Lukas and a younger sister called Hannah, who always called me Scafli. At first we ate lunch. After the meal Tobi had to do his homework so I helped him a bit and soon we were finished. Then we went outside in the big garden. We decided to play football. Tobi has got a small goal and his sister was the goalkeeper, but she was a miserable one! At the small match we played drawn. We became thirsty so we went inside to drink. After the drink Tobi had to learn for the Latin test and his sister played Playmobile with me. We had a lot of fun. Later while she was playing the flute I was listening to her. It was really nice. After that Tobi was finished with learning and we played a game called “Die Siedler von Catan”. I won the game. Then we ate supper and in the evening we watched TV, but I can’t remember the film.

On the next day I stayed at Tobi’s place while he was at school. His mother was at home and she took me to the supermarket. We bought a lot of things. In the afternoon Tobi and I went outside again. We climbed on a very high tree. It was a lot of fun. We played “Die Siedler von Catan” again but this time Tobias’ dad won. After dinner we watched Harry Potter “The Chamber of Secrets”. Then we went to bed.

On Friday Tobias gave me to Manuel and Jonathan.

Friday, 18 October 2013

A day on the football field

Today I watched a footballgame on the „Mühlviertler Alm“. That is a little area in the north of Austria.The team of Hellmonsödt was playing against the team of „Mühlviertler Alm“. It was a very exciting match, because both of them played a very fair and good match. But in the end „Mühlviertler Alm“ won 1:0. I was very sad, but the weather was very fine and the sun was shining, so Icould not be sad for a longer time.

I supported the team of Hellmonsödt, because in that team plays a new friend of mine. She is a 13-year-old girl and her friends also play in her team. Today it is still very seldom, that girls play football in a team, together with boys, but in Austria also girls are allowed to do this kind of sport.
This was a very funny day with my new friends and the team. ; )

The teams had to wear their own dresses, because every team has their own one. So you can see, who plays for which team. I was also allowed to wear a dress, because I was the mascot of my friend’s team. That was very funny, because all the people on the football field, had never seen a sheep at this place before.
At last, I want to show you the pictures I made:

In this photo I am wearing the dress of Hellmonsödt. I also played football, because I have to train, if I want to be a good football player.



Here you can see my new friends and me.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


 My day with them was so great! At first, we went to Magdalena's home by bus. There we ate typical Austrian food calles „Schnitzerl“.- No, sorry. I didn`t eat it, because it`s meat. I only ate the salad and the potatoes. It tasted great! After it we had a desert called „Gugelhupf“. I laughed about the name, I think it`s a funny one. „Gugelhuupf“ is a sort of cake. It also tasted very good. 


 After it, we watched a little bit TV - „How I Met Your Mother“. I think, that I really like it. Then we went or a walk. We made a lot of photos of us in the nature. After that, we went to Magdalena`s home again. There I sat on a cat! The cat`s called „Emily“. She`s really nice and now one of my best friends! Julia and Magdalena are almost neighbours, so we went to Julia`s home. There I saw Julia`s five-year-old brother Alexander. He`s really nice and he played with me. Then we went to Julias`s pets – The rabbits. Their names are „Dobby and Bambi“. Dobby`s a boy and Bambi`s a girl. They`re among my best friends now, too.

Friday, 11 October 2013

One day with a special girl

Hello my friends ! Last Friday I went home with Sophie. She invited me to her sister Emma´s birthday party. Emma just got three years old. But Emma is not a normal girl. She has a very rare genatic defect called CDKL5. There were only 3 people including Emma in Austria who have this defect, and only about 200 people in the world. Emma is handicapped, so she can not speak or walk. She also has epilepsy, but Emma takes medicine and this medicine stops Emma´s petit mal. She is an very funny girl, who is always laughing. She always snuggled me and also bit into my ear In the second picture you can see us: We were lying and we cross-legged our feet. That´s typical for CDKL5 kids. Sophie, Emma and I had a great day and I am the first sheep which has ever met a CDKL5 kid


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Urfahranermarkt with Monika, Eva and Anna

Hello! On Sunday the 6th of October I went to the „Urfahranermarkt“ with Monika, Eva and Anna. It was very cool there. The Urfahranermarkt takes place only one week every half a year. When I was there, it was the last day. You can take a lot of rides like break dance, magic, chaos or crazymouse. These are the four vehicles I liked best! But there are not only rides, but also some sales stands where you can  buy clothes and jewelery. And of course also stands, which sell some things to eat. There were sausages called „Bratwürstel“ and also sweet things like fruit spears , which were covered with chocolate. They tasted so good! Under  the text you can see a picture with Anna and Eva and with me in the middle.
It was a very cool day with them!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

I'm back!!!

Hi there, everyone!

In case you have already been wondering - YES, I am still alive!

I arrived safely in Austria at the end of last schoolyear. Helene welcomed me and I moved in with her in her flat in Linz. School was closed over the summer holidays, of course, so I had two months' time to discover the country on my own. Helene asked me if I wanted to go on vacation to the sea with her, but I felt a bit adventurous, so I did some backpacking around the country. As I wanted to travel light, I neither had my laptop nor my camera with me. That's why I didn't write anything on the blog and why I can't show you any pictures of my summer. I can just tell you that Austria is just... amazing! I am so glad that you guys gave me the chance to come back again!
I spent quite some time hiking in the Alps and met lots of welcoming Austrians there. The landscape was just breathtaking up at about 2000 metres above sealevel and often even higher. Also Austria's lakes are worth a visit. The water is blue and very clear - the lakes are famous for their drinking water quality. And as the weather was really, really hot this year (especially for a fluffy sheep used to Irish rain), it was refreshingly cold. Summer was awesome, but I have to say that after the holidays I was already looking forward to going back to school to meet some new students at the Petrinum in Linz.

And last week, the great day had come: I met class 4b and it was a really big welcome! Here they are:

This bunch of 13- and 14-year olds are a fabulous group! They wanted to know everything about me and my country. Everybody wanted to stroke and cuddle me in the classroom. I felt overwhelmed by their enthusiasm! I am so looking forward to spending some time with this lot. Helene told me that she was already getting my schedule ready to organise who can take me home with them during the next few weeks. And of course, I will keep you informed!