Friday, 18 October 2013

A day on the football field

Today I watched a footballgame on the „Mühlviertler Alm“. That is a little area in the north of Austria.The team of Hellmonsödt was playing against the team of „Mühlviertler Alm“. It was a very exciting match, because both of them played a very fair and good match. But in the end „Mühlviertler Alm“ won 1:0. I was very sad, but the weather was very fine and the sun was shining, so Icould not be sad for a longer time.

I supported the team of Hellmonsödt, because in that team plays a new friend of mine. She is a 13-year-old girl and her friends also play in her team. Today it is still very seldom, that girls play football in a team, together with boys, but in Austria also girls are allowed to do this kind of sport.
This was a very funny day with my new friends and the team. ; )

The teams had to wear their own dresses, because every team has their own one. So you can see, who plays for which team. I was also allowed to wear a dress, because I was the mascot of my friend’s team. That was very funny, because all the people on the football field, had never seen a sheep at this place before.
At last, I want to show you the pictures I made:

In this photo I am wearing the dress of Hellmonsödt. I also played football, because I have to train, if I want to be a good football player.



Here you can see my new friends and me.

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