Friday, 11 October 2013

One day with a special girl

Hello my friends ! Last Friday I went home with Sophie. She invited me to her sister Emma´s birthday party. Emma just got three years old. But Emma is not a normal girl. She has a very rare genatic defect called CDKL5. There were only 3 people including Emma in Austria who have this defect, and only about 200 people in the world. Emma is handicapped, so she can not speak or walk. She also has epilepsy, but Emma takes medicine and this medicine stops Emma´s petit mal. She is an very funny girl, who is always laughing. She always snuggled me and also bit into my ear In the second picture you can see us: We were lying and we cross-legged our feet. That´s typical for CDKL5 kids. Sophie, Emma and I had a great day and I am the first sheep which has ever met a CDKL5 kid


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