Thursday, 17 October 2013


 My day with them was so great! At first, we went to Magdalena's home by bus. There we ate typical Austrian food calles „Schnitzerl“.- No, sorry. I didn`t eat it, because it`s meat. I only ate the salad and the potatoes. It tasted great! After it we had a desert called „Gugelhupf“. I laughed about the name, I think it`s a funny one. „Gugelhuupf“ is a sort of cake. It also tasted very good. 


 After it, we watched a little bit TV - „How I Met Your Mother“. I think, that I really like it. Then we went or a walk. We made a lot of photos of us in the nature. After that, we went to Magdalena`s home again. There I sat on a cat! The cat`s called „Emily“. She`s really nice and now one of my best friends! Julia and Magdalena are almost neighbours, so we went to Julia`s home. There I saw Julia`s five-year-old brother Alexander. He`s really nice and he played with me. Then we went to Julias`s pets – The rabbits. Their names are „Dobby and Bambi“. Dobby`s a boy and Bambi`s a girl. They`re among my best friends now, too.

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