Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Guinea pig day

Today I was at a friend´s home. She is in class 4B and her nickname is Kathy. She has two guinea pigs. They are such sweet animals! I immediately got along with them. Did you know, that they like the same food like I do? I ate grass with them! Yummy…! It was very, very good, because the grass came from a farmer. Furthermore, we got some vegetables. Then we played some funny games, for example catch. Of course I was the fastest!! But after some time I couldn´t run anymore and then we made a break. Probably I should train my endurance more. After some time they told me about their lives, and if they liked it to be a guinea pig. They said very positive things. After a while we made a photoshooting. I threw myself into position and I find that I looked very great. I think I looked like a successful model and I also think that I could present my figure well! I am very happy about the photos and I think it was a wonderful day!!!

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