Sunday, 30 September 2012

At Marlena's place

Today I was at Marlena's place. She lives in a big house with a big garden in a small village called “Oberneukirchen“. We slept until 11 o'clock. For lunch we had chicken and pumpkin risotto, which was very good. She has got two dogs and they are very cute. The older one, called „Phibie“, played with me but the younger one, called „Esenja“, was scared of me. Maybe because she's only 13 weeks old and I'm a sheep which is bigger than her! Phibie is one year and a month old. After playing we went into the forest, which is next to the house and took a long walk with the dogs. We also went into a restaurant and ate an ice-cream. In the evening we watched TV before we went to bed. It was fun to play with the dogs and exciting to see how Marlena lives. All in all it was a nice Sunday!

At the funfair

Today I was at a funfair with Linda, Ines, Katharina, Lea, Sabrina, Julia and Marlena. In Linz they call it “Urfahranermarkt“. It was so crazy! We took a lot of thrill rides and some of them looked very scary, but they absolutely weren´t. On the contrary, it was so funny that we went over and over again. I liked “The Xtreme“ best. You can see it on the picture. It looks like a star.

People go to the “Urfahanermarkt“ to eat and drink, have fun or buy candy floss. The best food tasted were the fruits with chocolate coating. I just couldn´t stop eating them and drinking´s a coloured iced drink...
Always on the first night, when the funfair is opened, there is a long and very beautiful firework. Many people are right on the river and watch it.

The girl on the right hand side of the picture is called Linda. The one middle is called Julia and on the left hand side there is Ines. Too bad that I´m not looking into the camera.
It was really funny with the girls and I hope that I can visit them again soon.


Friday, 28 September 2012

A Day with Franzi :) ;)

It's Friday and I'm really happy, because my friend Franziska, called Franzi, took me with her. So I'm in Gallneukirchen. That's a small city near Linz. And that's where Franzi lives. She's really nice and she has got a dog. Her dog is called Mogli and he's a Tibet Terrier. Franzi made a picture of me and him, but he wanted to eat me, so I was very scared to sit next to him, but it wasn't too bad.
At half past five Franzi met the altar boys and girls. They are all very, very nice and friendly. I had a lot of fun and made some new friends. We played in the garden and Claudia, a very nice girl, looked after me, because I can't run very fast. I hurt my knee so I couldn't run very fast, but I had a lot of fun with Claudia and that day was perfect.
In the picture you can see me with all my friends from the altar boys and girls. On the left side is Eve, next to her is Annika, in front of Annika is Magdalena, next to Magdalena is Franzi, who is holding me :) Behind Franzi is Anja and next to Anja is Julia. Then, there are Johannes and Barbara. Next to Barbara is Lukas and at the right side in the picture is Tobias. They are all very nice and I was sad when I had to say goodbye :(

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A shopping day

Today I was shopping with Magdalena and her cousin Bernadette. They always go to the “Pluscity” shopping center in Pasching, so we went there, too. It took us about twenty minutes from Linz to get there.
On this special day a new shop called “Bershka” had its opening so there where so many people that we had trouble to stay together. We went from shop to shop and bought a lot of nice clothes.
At the end we had fun trying on some very unusal and horrible dresses and made photos of each other to remember that day years after.
Shopping makes hungry. So we decided to have some Chinese food. When we were eating, suddenly the lights went off. At this moment everybody was so quiet, that we could hear the traffic from outside. It was a gloomy atmosphere and a little child didn’t make it any better when it started to cry loudly next to us.
Seconds later the lights went on again. People were looking around with a shocked glance in their faces, but after a short time normality returned and everybody went on with what, they had been doing before.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hi it’s me again!
Today I visited Katharina. I used the tram to get to her home.

It was a rainy day, so we dressed in coats and shoes and went for a walk with her dog Aika.
The dog is so cute! We walked about half an hour and met a lot of other of dog. Most already knew Aika. As we were back home, her mother had already prepared some cocoa for us. It was gorgeous! Then we played with the Playstation. We played a car game. We played all afternoon, because it was so funny! I won three times! And then we went out to Katharina’s trampoline! It was so funny!

It was a really nice day(despite the weather)See you Scaffy

Monday, 24 September 2012

Meeting the headmaster

You won't believe it, but today I met Mr. Asanger, the headmaster of the Petrinum! We went to see him during the big break after the maths lession for a photo, which is very nice.

Mag. Franz Asanger has been the headmaster of the Petrinum since 1st September 2000. That's a long time, isn't it? The Petrinum is a private school in Linz and was officially dedicated on 2nd July 1895, so it's 127 years old! During the first World War the school was used as a military hospital. It's unbelievable, but in the second World War Adolf Hitler planned to turn the school into a technical college!

First the Petrinum was only for boys, but since 1993 also girls can go to school there. It was also a boarding school, but in 1999 the boarding school closed. In 2005 Pope Benedikt XVI slept in the Petrinum during his visit to Austria! Since 2009 there's a new observatory. Now it's one of the biggest schools in Linz and it has also got an indoor swimming pool!

I think the Petrinum is a very nice school with an interesting history and Mr. Asanger is a good headmaster.

All in all it was a very interesting day!

A Monday at school!

The first lesson on Monday is our German lesson. Our teacher is very good but I am from Ireland and I can't speak German very well:). Then we have an English lesson with Mrs. Payreder. That is my favourite lesson on Monday!

My friends are very funny and I like this class.

The third lesson is maths. I forgot my maths-homework. That's not very nice because I will get a bad mark in maths if I often forget my homework:(.

After that is the big break and this is the best part of the day. I sometimes play computergames in the break (but don't tell to Miss Payreder!). But I also play with my friends and I sometimes do homework in the break because I often forget it!
After the big break is a chemistry lesson. I hate chemistry but I like our funny teacher! He always makes jokes and he can teach us very well. The fifth lesson is religion.

The last lesson is Latin. It's not very good that we have Latin in the last lesson but our teacher is flexible and we do some work in the book. That's not very difficult!

And then I go home.
That's even better than English and better than the big break:)
That's a Monday at the Petrinum.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

At the Porsche exhibition in Linz

Today we were at the Porsche exhibition in Linz. It was very exciting to find out about the story behind such a famous car brand. These old cars all looked very funny and completely different to the present-day ones! Sabrina took many photos of me and the beautiful cars, but unfortunately we can only show you two .... : (
Now I am sitting at home with Sabrina and must say that it was a very beautiful, exciting and fun first weekend!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

My second weekend with a student in Austria

Today I and Sabrina, a student from Austria, went to Windischgarsten, a small village in Austria. I was very excited because it was my first weekend in Austria. After an hour drive by car, we finally arrived. It was wonderful.

After lunch we went to a horse riding center, not far from Windischgarsten. I was even allowed to climb a huge horse that luckily was quite peaceful and serene. ;)
When I had solid ground under my feet again, and Sabrina had the riding test also brought well behind, we drove back to Sabrina's house. Then we went back to Linz by car. Now I am really looking forward to tomorrow and am excited about what else I will experience this weekend.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Austrian food

Today I want to tell you something about Austrian food. There is for example the Wiener Schnitzel. It’s breaded veal with chips or rice and on top of the schnitzel normal there is a slice of lemon.
Another example to Austrian food is the Gulasch. It’s a kind of stew and the is also some paprika and meat in it. Another popular meal I want to tell you about are the “Salzburger Nockerl”. It’s a sweet dessert which you make in the stove. As the name says it comes from the province Salzburg. Another really good dessert is the Sachertorte. It’s a chocolate cake with a film of apricot jam and chocolate glazing. The last dish I want to tell you about is the Holzf√§llersteak. It’s made from pork. usually it comes with chips or rice. I have already tried all these dishes and most are really good. My favourite dish are the “Salzburger-Nockerl” because the are so fluffy.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A school trip to Steyr

On the 19th of September, it was a very rainy day, I was in the „World of Work“ in Steyr with the students of the 4c. A man called Phillip showed us around and told us a lot of interesting things. Then the students had to make little groups. I learned about different types of jobs around the world and I really think it was very interesting. 
I am on the picture with Bernhard, Patrick, Paul and Markus. They had to answer the questions on the handout and then they had to build a little vacuum cleaner called Polsterboy. I also helped them with the Polsterboy and after then minutes, we finished the work. Phillip told us that the people in the factories built a Polsterboy in 61 seconds. And they have to do that eight hours every day! I think it was very funny. After this, the groups had to present what they had found out. I think all the groups did a very good job. After two hours the day in the „World of Work“ was over. On this day I learned a lot.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A day with Chris

On Friday, Christoph invited me to his home. After school we went to the bus stop and waited there. When the bus arrived we got on it. I had no ID card for the bus, but the busdriver was very nice and I didn't have to pay. When we were at home we ate our lunch. The lasagne was very good. After lunch I helped Chris with his homework. It was fun to do it. The rest of the day we played football and went for a walk into the forest. He showed me places, where he liked to be when he was some years younger. In the evening we watched a film. It was called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire“. Chris saw the film before but he said it was interesting to watch it again with me.
On Saturday the weather wasn't very nice. But Chris and me, we put on rubber boots and took an umbrella to go outside. It was very funny. In the evening we watched a film again and stayed up very late.
On Sunday Chris had to study for school. I helped Chris and checked his English and Latin vocabulary. I also was good at maths and helped him to learn it, too. But on this day, it wasn't cold and rainy like on Saturday. We got out into Chris' garden and had fun on the trampoline and playing ping pong.
I think the weekend was very funny even though the weather wasn't very nice on Saturday.
I wished I could visit Chris for one more weekend again.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Getting to know 4c

Hi, it’s Scaffy again.
Today is my first time in class 4c. Their teacher, Miss. Payreder, took me along with her. At five to eight I got to know all the very nice pupils of the class. They were very surprised when they saw me the first time. They knew that I was tiny and that I was an Irish exchange student, but they were still so surprised when they saw me. On this day they had one Maths lesson and three English lessons. The day was very funny and they all like me very much. I’m so looking forward to the next two months in Austria. It’s a very cool country. The weather was good today. In their class it’s always very hot because the sun shines into the class all the time. In fact it was a very nice day with very nice people.

Monday, 10 September 2012

First impressions of the Petrinum

Hi all,
In the holidays I’ve already seen some photos of the Petrinum. I think it’s a very cool school. I’ve read that there is an observatory. It’s at the northern side of the Petrinum in a small tower.
Some people say the Petrinum looks like a prison. I don’t think so. I think it’s a beautiful school with great rooms. For sports the Petrinum is also very good. There’s one big football ground and two smaller ones, there’s also a tennis ground and a fistball ground. A claycourt, a running track, two beach volleyball places and a swimming pool, too. In the school there is also a library. It’s big and there are also some books which are interesting for me. The Petrinum was a boarding school and now it’s a normal school. The Petrinum is a very old school, it was built in 1897 but then it was only for boys. Now there are boys and girls at school, I think it’s better this way!

Friday, 7 September 2012

School is starting soon!

Monday is my first day at the Petrinum in Linz! I am so excited and can't wait getting to know Helene's pupils!