Sunday, 16 September 2012

A day with Chris

On Friday, Christoph invited me to his home. After school we went to the bus stop and waited there. When the bus arrived we got on it. I had no ID card for the bus, but the busdriver was very nice and I didn't have to pay. When we were at home we ate our lunch. The lasagne was very good. After lunch I helped Chris with his homework. It was fun to do it. The rest of the day we played football and went for a walk into the forest. He showed me places, where he liked to be when he was some years younger. In the evening we watched a film. It was called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire“. Chris saw the film before but he said it was interesting to watch it again with me.
On Saturday the weather wasn't very nice. But Chris and me, we put on rubber boots and took an umbrella to go outside. It was very funny. In the evening we watched a film again and stayed up very late.
On Sunday Chris had to study for school. I helped Chris and checked his English and Latin vocabulary. I also was good at maths and helped him to learn it, too. But on this day, it wasn't cold and rainy like on Saturday. We got out into Chris' garden and had fun on the trampoline and playing ping pong.
I think the weekend was very funny even though the weather wasn't very nice on Saturday.
I wished I could visit Chris for one more weekend again.

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