Thursday, 20 September 2012

Austrian food

Today I want to tell you something about Austrian food. There is for example the Wiener Schnitzel. It’s breaded veal with chips or rice and on top of the schnitzel normal there is a slice of lemon.
Another example to Austrian food is the Gulasch. It’s a kind of stew and the is also some paprika and meat in it. Another popular meal I want to tell you about are the “Salzburger Nockerl”. It’s a sweet dessert which you make in the stove. As the name says it comes from the province Salzburg. Another really good dessert is the Sachertorte. It’s a chocolate cake with a film of apricot jam and chocolate glazing. The last dish I want to tell you about is the Holzfällersteak. It’s made from pork. usually it comes with chips or rice. I have already tried all these dishes and most are really good. My favourite dish are the “Salzburger-Nockerl” because the are so fluffy.

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