Monday, 24 September 2012

A Monday at school!

The first lesson on Monday is our German lesson. Our teacher is very good but I am from Ireland and I can't speak German very well:). Then we have an English lesson with Mrs. Payreder. That is my favourite lesson on Monday!

My friends are very funny and I like this class.

The third lesson is maths. I forgot my maths-homework. That's not very nice because I will get a bad mark in maths if I often forget my homework:(.

After that is the big break and this is the best part of the day. I sometimes play computergames in the break (but don't tell to Miss Payreder!). But I also play with my friends and I sometimes do homework in the break because I often forget it!
After the big break is a chemistry lesson. I hate chemistry but I like our funny teacher! He always makes jokes and he can teach us very well. The fifth lesson is religion.

The last lesson is Latin. It's not very good that we have Latin in the last lesson but our teacher is flexible and we do some work in the book. That's not very difficult!

And then I go home.
That's even better than English and better than the big break:)
That's a Monday at the Petrinum.

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