Sunday, 30 September 2012

At Marlena's place

Today I was at Marlena's place. She lives in a big house with a big garden in a small village called “Oberneukirchen“. We slept until 11 o'clock. For lunch we had chicken and pumpkin risotto, which was very good. She has got two dogs and they are very cute. The older one, called „Phibie“, played with me but the younger one, called „Esenja“, was scared of me. Maybe because she's only 13 weeks old and I'm a sheep which is bigger than her! Phibie is one year and a month old. After playing we went into the forest, which is next to the house and took a long walk with the dogs. We also went into a restaurant and ate an ice-cream. In the evening we watched TV before we went to bed. It was fun to play with the dogs and exciting to see how Marlena lives. All in all it was a nice Sunday!

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