Thursday, 10 July 2014

At the beach!!

This is the life!!!  Here I am at the most amazing beach (Playa de la Barrosa) in the province of Cádiz in the south of Spain.  The beach is so wide, the sand is so soft and the sun is so hot!  


All you need here is a towel, a beach umbrella, a sandwich, something to drink and lots of sun screen.  I'm lucky because I have wool to protect my body from the sun, so I don't need it! 

There is a small tower at the beach called Torre del Puerco and it dates back to the 16th century. Can you see me in the photo?!

I spend my day singing the song "Knee Deep" by Zac Brown Band:  "...only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair..."

I hope all of you are having great holidays too!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer holidays are around the corner!

School has finished and all of the students are on holidays.  I'm going on holidays with Zuzanna this summer. She told me that she would be taking me to one of her favourite places in Spain.  I wonder where she'll take me....Granada?  Barcelona? Santiago de Compostela?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

In class

Everybody is very busy at school lately.  My Spanish friends are under a lot of stress these days because final exams are coming up and they have a lot of studying to do.  So I just enjoy my time in class with them and try not to be too much of a bother. 

The students in this class have been so sweet to me.  They treat me just like one of the gang.  And they're always so helpful.  When I don't understand something in class they explain things to me and try to answer all of my questions.  I'm really going to miss them when it's time for me to move on.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Listening to Music at Antonio's

I went to Antonio's house last night.  Antonio had football practice and a lot of homework, so he let me listen to his favourite music.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Álvaro's Birthday

I stayed with Álvaro Gómez last night at his birthday.
                                                         First I did a comic with him. Álvaro draws very well.

                                      Then we celebrated his birthday with his family.  His celebration was niiiiice.
                                                          And the most important thing... THE PRESENTS!!!
                             And I will remember this day with my friend Alvaro because it was really amazing!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fun with Alicia

After such exciting Easter holidays it was nice to just have a relaxing afternoon in Madrid.  

                                    Alicia and I played in the park opposite the school for a few hours.

Then we went to her house and played the guitar for a little while.  I went to bed early because I was tired after such busy holidays!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Holidays with Charlotte

Hello! The rest of these Easter holidays I spent with the Charlotte and her family. 

We went to the Monasterio de Piedra in  Zaragoza and we have seen many waterfalls that nature has done. It was all very nice! The next day we went to visit Zaragoza and Calatayud and got into the thermal pools where the water was very hot.

After lunch we rode a horse and I had a great time. Then we hopped in the car back to Madrid.  The Easter holidays had ended.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


 I´ve enjoyed these Easter holidays with Lucía.              
I read a book in Spanish...

                                                          ...and I went to church too.


Also, I made a lot of wristbands and other things with her.
I can say that now I have a new special friend.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dancing with Alba


                          I went with Alba to the park and we played a lot of games. 

Then I went to a dance school and I saw Alba dancing ballet. I met her friends and her mum. 

At night we had dinner (steak with vegetables) in her father's bar and I met her dad and her aunt (the cook).

I had a lot of fun and I love Alba.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Patri's house

On Tuesday I was in Patri´s house. 
I spent time with her dog, Lacky, with whom I took a nap.
Then I played with her laptop.
I had fish for dinner. It was delicious!!
At eleven o´clock I went to bed with Patri.

It was a fantastic day with my friend Patri.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Waterpolo with Paula

Yesterday after school I went to Paula's house by car.

First, she showed me her house and, then, we did homework. After that, I learned to do bracelets with little elastic bands. They were so cool!

And then, it was time for dinner. It was very yummy!  I met a new friend. 

When the time came, we went to Paula's waterpolo training. She has very funny friends and I laughed a lot with them.

Monday, 7 April 2014

A Wonderful Weekend

On Friday 4th I was in  Mª José´s house. It was her birthday, so she blew 13 candles on a cake and then we ate it.  It was delicious. 

On Saturday 5th in the evening, we went to play tennis and they taught me how to play. It was a lot of fun. 

And on Sunday we spent the afternoon at the park having a good time with Mª José and her friend, Alicia.  

This has been an amazing week!

Friday, 4 April 2014

María José's Birthday

It's María José's birthday today, so she gets to take me home for the weekend!

Thank you to the Petrinum!

When I left Linz, the students from the Petrinum put lots of cakes and cookies and sweets in my box for the students in Buen Consejo School.  My new friends were so surprised!   They couldn’t believe it when I brought all the goodies to class today.  They absolutely loved them!!!  And they asked me hundreds of times to please say thank you to the students at the Petrinum.  

So, Petrinum: MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS from Buen Consejo School!!!

A day in Jesús's house

I was in Jesús's house yesterday and we did a lot of things. For example: we played with Jesús's xbox360 and we went to a park.

Then we went to a shopping center. We saw a lot of shops and restaurants we went to ashop called VIPS. In this shop we saw interesting things and we bought candy and chocolate.  It was delicious!


It was the funniest day in the world!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

At home with Andrés

Everyone wanted to invite me over to their house for a sleepover and it was very hard for Zuzanna to choose whose house I would go to first.  Finally, Andrés "won".  I was especially happy because Andrés is Belen's brother and Belén was one of my good friends from last year.  It was great to see her again! 

I had so much fun with Andrés.  I played with his Pou. 

                               We also talked a lot about football.  Andrés and I love the Real Madrid!

 And at bedtime I read The Hobbit.

I wonder who will take me home tonight.....

Friday, 28 March 2014

Meeting the class of 1º ESO!

Today was a fantastic day!  Zuzanna took me to my new class!  She had already told the students that I would be arriving, so they were really excited when she went into the class with me in my box.  I could hear the students talking and laughing around my box and asking Zuzanna lots of questions about me!  I was so excited, too!

And then, the box opened and in a matter of seconds I had 27 new friends (Álvaro, Yago, Patricia, Alba, César, Pablo, Lucía…)!!!! 

And then I saw Marisa, the teacher I got along so well with when I was here last year.  We were so happy to see each other again!

What a great day!  I feel so loved!!!!  

Friday, 21 March 2014

Quiet Time

Zuzanna has found me a quiet corner in one of the staff rooms where I can relax until exams are over.  Since I’m always so busy travelling and spending time with all my new friends I thought I’d use this time to surf the Internet.  I’m reading the Limerick Post and the Limerick Leader online to catch up on the news back in Ireland and I’m catching up with all of my international friends on Facebook.  And do you know what else I’ve found out?  That I’m still the only sheep in the world with a blog!!!!  

Thursday, 13 March 2014

“Hola” from España!!!

Hola” from España!!! 

I arrived this morning at Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo School and right away somebody went looking for Zuzanna.  Right after class she came down to get my box and she opened it as fast as she could.  It was SOOOOOOO nice to see her again and she was SOOOOOOOOO happy to see me too!  We gave each other a great big hug!!!  She gave me lots of kisses and I licked her whole face! 

I remember when I came to Spain for the first time last year:  I was so nervous and scared.  But this time I wasn’t at all because the students at Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo are so friendly and fun to be with and I feel so at home here!

Unfortunately, next week is exam week here and Zuzanna has suggested that maybe it would be better if I didn’t go to class to meet my new friends (and see my old ones) until exams are over.  She says that the students will get too excited if I go to their class now and they won’t concentrate on their studies. 

Oh, well.  I’m going to have a siesta now because I’m exhausted after all the travelling and all the excitement!  Siestas are one of my favourite things about Spain!
Hasta mañana, everybody!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

On the way to Spain!

I was spending some quiet weeks with the students of the Petrinum in Austria when Helene told me it was time to say goodbye and to get into the postbox again. Oh man, I just didn't feel like leaving and - most of all - didn't want to spend another couple of days in that tight, dark and uncomfortable box being tossed around not knowing where exactly I was.
But then the students and Helene promised me that I would come back to Austria to see them again and that the pupils in Spain were already waiting for me. That reminded me of all those lovely pupils I got to know in Madrid last year, their beautiful city and all that lovely food. Would I get to eat paella again?  Finally, with all those great memories on my mind, I jumped into the box and off it went. See you again, soon!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Scaffy at Johannes' place

From the 20th of December till the 6th January I spend my time with Johannes.
On the 20th he took me home from school. His mother brought us to his home. I only want to add that the food which was made by his mum tastes really good. The following days were just great. Johannes and I stayed up late so that we woke up at about 9 o'clock in the morning. Then on the 24th of December Johannes was so happy, because that evening it was Christmas-Eve he explained to me. That evening he, his sister,his mum,his father,his Grandparents and I got some presents. All the presents were lying underneath a wonderful and beautiful Christmas-tree. I got a great present: a gift voucher for a 6 day Skiing-holiday in Lungau: from the 1st January to the 6th January with Johannes' family. The following two days we spent in Austria, then on the 26th of December we travelled to his other Grandparents who live in Germany. So his family and I took his father's car and after two hours we reached Roding (in Bavaria in Upper-Palatinate in the so called “Landkreis-Cham”). His Grandparents live in a big house with a big garden. The weather there was just crazy. On one day it snowed all day long and the next day it was so warm, that there was no snow left, only the rest of an “Igloo”,we had built the day before. We often visited Johannes' uncle and aunt and his cousins who live in the house next door. For New Year's-Eve we went back to Linz. We stayed up all night to watch the New Year's fireworks which were so great. The new year started with great days in Lungau (Lungau is one of the coldest places in Austria and is near Slazburg ).Johannes thought me skiing or to be more exactly the basics of skiing. I really often enjoyed the relaxing area of the hotel. In the every evening we ate a multi-course dinner which always tasted good. Skiing is really fun! But on the 6th we had to leave the hotel and go back to Linz. Johannes' mum said that we had to wake up really soon because the next day there was school again.