Saturday, 30 November 2013

A day at Magdalena's place

At her home she told me that she would like to make Christmas biscuits with me. One of the most famous sort of Christmas biscuits in Austria is gingerbread. I had always wanted to make gingerbread. First of all we put all the ingredients together. Then I was allowed to knead the dough. It was great fun! There was a great mess in the whole kitchen. Only Magdalena's mother was a little bit angry but I could understand her. When the dough was ready, we started to punch out the biscuits. There were many different shapes. But my favourite shape was a reindeer. Now there are more than thirty reindeer to eat :) When there wasn't any dough left, we put all the biscuits into the oven for half an hour. Meanwhile we went into the cellar to get some sugar-icing and other things for the decoration. Then we began to decorate the biscuits. All the cute reindeer got a nice red nose. When Magdalena's mother looked away we both nibbled a little bit. Yummy! While we were working Magdalena said that it was snowing outside. I was surprised when I looked into the garden and could see some snow (of course not a lot). After some time we were ready. We looked at our biscuits and were happy: They are fantastic! Here is a photo of one of my reindeer and beside there are the ingredients for the gingerbread and the decoration for the biscuits.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Archery, a great sport for sheep!

Hello guys. At the beginning I would like to thank you, because I was able to spend such great days with the kids from Austria and I hope, that it will stay as great as it is and we also enjoy the rest of our time together. Whatever, today was such a day, one day I had right a lot of fun, this time with Daniel. I had a great day, we went to an archery parcours .

But first of all I went with Daniel to his home. He lives in a small village called Hellmonsödt near Linz. I knew what I had before me, a long, serious parcours.  So I ate a large portion of spaghetti Bolognese to strengthen me. They were really tasty and so Daniel`s mother gave me a second portion. Then we went to the archery-center Breitenstein which is situated near Daniel`s house. The person at the reception gave me a children`s equipment. I couldn`t understand that, finally I´m an adult sheep so I wanted to complain, but then I remembered that wise man change his mind ,a fool never will. I was then happy about this decision, because the bow wasn`t so easy to draw.
Yet, I found that day just great and now I`m a real fan of archery and I`m confident that archery will be the next craze of sheep. 

Luke Scaf Walker

Today  I was at Jonathan ´s house, Manuel was also there and so we had a real great afternoon. We played football, basketball and so on... but after some hours we got really bored and so we decided to make some pictures. When we had finished Manuel had a great idea: We could edit the images!
So we edited the pics of me into a Luke-Scafwalker (that was my idea :), because I love star wars), a fire sheep and me with  neon lights. We worked hours. But then we had finished and we were very happy about our work. Now it was very late and so we ate dinner (we ate Spaghetti  <3 ) and we watched TV  until Manuel was picked up by his dad, who had finished work,  and then I and Jonathan did our homework. I was really bored while we were doing homework. Then he studied Latin, because you have to study hard for it to pass. After that Jonathan and I went to bed. The next day was Sunday and so we could sleep long. We ate breakfast and then we went up the Gis, a mountain close to Linz. On top we ate ice cream and drank hot chocolate. After lunch I was picked up and I was given  

to Monika.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A day with Mathias

On Thursday the 21th November I came to my friend Mathias. When school was over we drove, together with his friend Martin, home by bus. When Mathias opened the entrace we were welcomed by Lela. Lela is their cat which looks very cute and has a fluffy fur. She is 15 months old and very coltish, so I played with her for along time. I also got to know Mathias´ brother Julian, who is 7 years old. He goes to the”Karlhofschule” and also to the accordeon-lesson because he has been playing that nice melodic instrument for 3 months. At 4 o´clock we went downtown to go shopping. First we shopped at “H&M” for some clothes and a pair of shoes for me. I got a really nice orange jacketfor the winter. I think it suits me well. Besides we went to “Saturn” because Mathias needed some new headphones and a new computer screen. All in all it was a great day and I would like to meet Mathias again...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A day at Daniel’s home

Hi guys!
On Tuesday the 5th of November I came to Daniel after school. Then we went to his place, which is very close to the Petrinum and where he lives with his parents. There, Daniel made lasagne. He is a very good cook! After about one minute the “pling” of the microwave rang out. That was one of the shortest waiting times in my life! 
Then we went up because Daniel wanted to show me his room. I was really shocked when I saw it! Daniel is a very messy boy. But suddenly I recognized some other animals in his room. Perhaps they created that disorder? There were an elephant, a toucan, a small birdie, and some other animals who didn’t want to be photographed. I played with them while Daniel was doing his homework. 
Later Daniel showed me his balcony. From there you have a great view at his garden and Daniel said that he also could see the Petrinum. (I can’t believe that because I just saw lots of trees) It was very freezing outside, so we soon went in. Daniel had to practise guitar and we listened to him. It was very boring because he just played slow songs. I also tried it and it’s easier than it looks at the beginning. 
At night I was allowed to sleep on Daniel’s couch with the other animals. I’m very looking forward at my time with Kathi,

Monday, 4 November 2013

At the dentist's

Today I joined Paul in the afternoon visiting his father and taking his piano lesson. He had school until 3 o’clock and then we took the tram to the “Hauptplatz”. Then we went to Paul’s father’s surgery. His father is a dentist. He is the only dentist I like. He didn’t hurt me and didn’t complain about my green teeth, because I always forget to brush my teeth. But now I want to do it twice a day and Paul will remember me as often as he can. The rest of the time before the piano lesson started I looked at my white teeth. I have never seen such white teeth. But then Paul took me with him to the music school. His lesson teacher was very friendly to me. I learned fast and well. I can play piano pieces by Chopin and Mozart, my favourite classic composer. Then I listened to Paul’s music. He played “Una Mattina” and “Writing poems” by Ludovico Einaudi. I advise it to everyone to search it on Google and listen to the beautiful music. When the lesson ended luckily Paul’s mum took us home in the car, because outside it was raining heavily. At home we went to bed and I was glad to see my friends in 4b next morning.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Trip to Fairyland

Hello friends!

The Halloween party was a blast. After only a few hours of sleeping my friend Felix picked me up for a trip to the Pöstlingberg, one of the most popular sights of Linz.

We took the Pöstlingbergbahn to go to the top. It’s the steepest adhesion railway of Europe!

First we went to the platform where you can enjoy the view over Linz. It was beautiful!

Afterwards we walked over to the Grottenbahn. Felix had told me that riding the Grottenbahn was a really fun thing to do – not only for little children.  ;)

The dragon Sebastian takes you into a cave, showing you around the sparkling world of the dwarves.

After the ride with Sebastian you go downstairs into a miniature Linz, where there is a lot going on! In small alleys you can meet all the stars of the Brothers Grimm‘s fairytales.

Oh my god! The dreadful wolf! Run as fast as you can!

The Grottenbahn was really cool and we ended our day with a drink.

What an exciting trip!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Celebrating Halloween with Josy

Hello! I’m back with another cool story! When I was at Felix I told you at the beginning that there was a Halloween-Party. Yes there was and I was really a blast!
So I was at Josef alias Josy`s place last night; Halloween, for sure, and it was a relly cool night! Josy had two friends there and first they printed their own newspaper (they also did last year) which is called „the yearly monster news“. I read it and there is a lot of fun in there, for example a story about Dracula who steals bloody sausage and things llike that. Then they went off the house…without me, because I think it was a bit too cold outside. But I watched TV with Josy’s little sister, Helen. That was actually fun, too!
Two hours later, Josy and his friends came back with a lot of sweets in a big plastig bag! And, without saying anything, they threw all the stuff over me! I had a bath in sweets! I would have never dreamed that in my young life!!! So I became Scaffy – the haunted sweet witch. UUUuuuuh, that name is actually creepy, isn’t it? After this, we all went playing some video games. I played with them, and I’m actually pretty good. At about 2:30 p.m we all wanted to sleep and went to bed. I fell asleep instantly but Josy, Lorenz and Daniel had a pillow fight. I wanted to fight on Josy’s side, but I was so tired that it never happened. Bye!

Your sheep,