Saturday, 30 November 2013

A day at Magdalena's place

At her home she told me that she would like to make Christmas biscuits with me. One of the most famous sort of Christmas biscuits in Austria is gingerbread. I had always wanted to make gingerbread. First of all we put all the ingredients together. Then I was allowed to knead the dough. It was great fun! There was a great mess in the whole kitchen. Only Magdalena's mother was a little bit angry but I could understand her. When the dough was ready, we started to punch out the biscuits. There were many different shapes. But my favourite shape was a reindeer. Now there are more than thirty reindeer to eat :) When there wasn't any dough left, we put all the biscuits into the oven for half an hour. Meanwhile we went into the cellar to get some sugar-icing and other things for the decoration. Then we began to decorate the biscuits. All the cute reindeer got a nice red nose. When Magdalena's mother looked away we both nibbled a little bit. Yummy! While we were working Magdalena said that it was snowing outside. I was surprised when I looked into the garden and could see some snow (of course not a lot). After some time we were ready. We looked at our biscuits and were happy: They are fantastic! Here is a photo of one of my reindeer and beside there are the ingredients for the gingerbread and the decoration for the biscuits.

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