Monday, 4 November 2013

At the dentist's

Today I joined Paul in the afternoon visiting his father and taking his piano lesson. He had school until 3 o’clock and then we took the tram to the “Hauptplatz”. Then we went to Paul’s father’s surgery. His father is a dentist. He is the only dentist I like. He didn’t hurt me and didn’t complain about my green teeth, because I always forget to brush my teeth. But now I want to do it twice a day and Paul will remember me as often as he can. The rest of the time before the piano lesson started I looked at my white teeth. I have never seen such white teeth. But then Paul took me with him to the music school. His lesson teacher was very friendly to me. I learned fast and well. I can play piano pieces by Chopin and Mozart, my favourite classic composer. Then I listened to Paul’s music. He played “Una Mattina” and “Writing poems” by Ludovico Einaudi. I advise it to everyone to search it on Google and listen to the beautiful music. When the lesson ended luckily Paul’s mum took us home in the car, because outside it was raining heavily. At home we went to bed and I was glad to see my friends in 4b next morning.

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