Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A day at Daniel’s home

Hi guys!
On Tuesday the 5th of November I came to Daniel after school. Then we went to his place, which is very close to the Petrinum and where he lives with his parents. There, Daniel made lasagne. He is a very good cook! After about one minute the “pling” of the microwave rang out. That was one of the shortest waiting times in my life! 
Then we went up because Daniel wanted to show me his room. I was really shocked when I saw it! Daniel is a very messy boy. But suddenly I recognized some other animals in his room. Perhaps they created that disorder? There were an elephant, a toucan, a small birdie, and some other animals who didn’t want to be photographed. I played with them while Daniel was doing his homework. 
Later Daniel showed me his balcony. From there you have a great view at his garden and Daniel said that he also could see the Petrinum. (I can’t believe that because I just saw lots of trees) It was very freezing outside, so we soon went in. Daniel had to practise guitar and we listened to him. It was very boring because he just played slow songs. I also tried it and it’s easier than it looks at the beginning. 
At night I was allowed to sleep on Daniel’s couch with the other animals. I’m very looking forward at my time with Kathi,

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