Friday, 29 November 2013

Luke Scaf Walker

Today  I was at Jonathan ´s house, Manuel was also there and so we had a real great afternoon. We played football, basketball and so on... but after some hours we got really bored and so we decided to make some pictures. When we had finished Manuel had a great idea: We could edit the images!
So we edited the pics of me into a Luke-Scafwalker (that was my idea :), because I love star wars), a fire sheep and me with  neon lights. We worked hours. But then we had finished and we were very happy about our work. Now it was very late and so we ate dinner (we ate Spaghetti  <3 ) and we watched TV  until Manuel was picked up by his dad, who had finished work,  and then I and Jonathan did our homework. I was really bored while we were doing homework. Then he studied Latin, because you have to study hard for it to pass. After that Jonathan and I went to bed. The next day was Sunday and so we could sleep long. We ate breakfast and then we went up the Gis, a mountain close to Linz. On top we ate ice cream and drank hot chocolate. After lunch I was picked up and I was given  

to Monika.

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