Friday, 1 November 2013

Celebrating Halloween with Josy

Hello! I’m back with another cool story! When I was at Felix I told you at the beginning that there was a Halloween-Party. Yes there was and I was really a blast!
So I was at Josef alias Josy`s place last night; Halloween, for sure, and it was a relly cool night! Josy had two friends there and first they printed their own newspaper (they also did last year) which is called „the yearly monster news“. I read it and there is a lot of fun in there, for example a story about Dracula who steals bloody sausage and things llike that. Then they went off the house…without me, because I think it was a bit too cold outside. But I watched TV with Josy’s little sister, Helen. That was actually fun, too!
Two hours later, Josy and his friends came back with a lot of sweets in a big plastig bag! And, without saying anything, they threw all the stuff over me! I had a bath in sweets! I would have never dreamed that in my young life!!! So I became Scaffy – the haunted sweet witch. UUUuuuuh, that name is actually creepy, isn’t it? After this, we all went playing some video games. I played with them, and I’m actually pretty good. At about 2:30 p.m we all wanted to sleep and went to bed. I fell asleep instantly but Josy, Lorenz and Daniel had a pillow fight. I wanted to fight on Josy’s side, but I was so tired that it never happened. Bye!

Your sheep,


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