Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Trip to Fairyland

Hello friends!

The Halloween party was a blast. After only a few hours of sleeping my friend Felix picked me up for a trip to the Pöstlingberg, one of the most popular sights of Linz.

We took the Pöstlingbergbahn to go to the top. It’s the steepest adhesion railway of Europe!

First we went to the platform where you can enjoy the view over Linz. It was beautiful!

Afterwards we walked over to the Grottenbahn. Felix had told me that riding the Grottenbahn was a really fun thing to do – not only for little children.  ;)

The dragon Sebastian takes you into a cave, showing you around the sparkling world of the dwarves.

After the ride with Sebastian you go downstairs into a miniature Linz, where there is a lot going on! In small alleys you can meet all the stars of the Brothers Grimm‘s fairytales.

Oh my god! The dreadful wolf! Run as fast as you can!

The Grottenbahn was really cool and we ended our day with a drink.

What an exciting trip!

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