Sunday, 1 December 2013

Visiting Monika

Today I am at Monika´s home. She´s got two sisters and it is Lydia´s birthday today, but I will tell you more about her later. In the morning we went to a church near Monika´s flat. In the middle of the church there was a big Advent wreath. There were four candles on it. The first one was burning. We made a photoshooting there and you can see me sitting on the Advent wreath. After church we went home and ate lunch. The family had chicken (I only ate the salat).
In the afternoon the of Monika is whole family came and we celebrated Lydia´s birthday. We had a great fruitcake and I ate a very big piece. Monika´s little cousins always said that I was sooo sweet and after some time I hid in Monika´s room. We played a lot of great games together and ate a lot of sweets. A few minutes ago we played "cathing in the dark" outside but I was very cold so Monika and I went inside and now we are writing this together.
Hope you´re well,

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