Thursday, 12 December 2013

My day with Magdalena

On Wednesday I was in Lichtenberg at Magdalena´s home. In Lichtenberg it´s very cold and snowy already! After lunch we went hiking on the local mountain, the `Gisela Warte`! It´s called `Gisela Warte because once princess Gisela visited Linz and to honor to her they named the observatory after her. 
So we went up the mountain, through the first snow, and left our footsteps! Finally we reached the top and the view was GORGEOUS! We were able to see Linz and the sparkling Danube! It was just WOW! But the hike was so exhausting that we decided to rest at the playground and watch the beautiful sunset. 

When we came to Magdalena´s house again I was freezing! So her lovely Mom made us a delicious hot chocolate with cream. It was a fabulous, beautiful and unforgettable day with my dear friend Magdalena! I hope I will see her again soon!
Lots of Love from Lichtenberg
Yours Scaffy!

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