Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Scaffy at Johannes' place

From the 20th of December till the 6th January I spend my time with Johannes.
On the 20th he took me home from school. His mother brought us to his home. I only want to add that the food which was made by his mum tastes really good. The following days were just great. Johannes and I stayed up late so that we woke up at about 9 o'clock in the morning. Then on the 24th of December Johannes was so happy, because that evening it was Christmas-Eve he explained to me. That evening he, his sister,his mum,his father,his Grandparents and I got some presents. All the presents were lying underneath a wonderful and beautiful Christmas-tree. I got a great present: a gift voucher for a 6 day Skiing-holiday in Lungau: from the 1st January to the 6th January with Johannes' family. The following two days we spent in Austria, then on the 26th of December we travelled to his other Grandparents who live in Germany. So his family and I took his father's car and after two hours we reached Roding (in Bavaria in Upper-Palatinate in the so called “Landkreis-Cham”). His Grandparents live in a big house with a big garden. The weather there was just crazy. On one day it snowed all day long and the next day it was so warm, that there was no snow left, only the rest of an “Igloo”,we had built the day before. We often visited Johannes' uncle and aunt and his cousins who live in the house next door. For New Year's-Eve we went back to Linz. We stayed up all night to watch the New Year's fireworks which were so great. The new year started with great days in Lungau (Lungau is one of the coldest places in Austria and is near Slazburg ).Johannes thought me skiing or to be more exactly the basics of skiing. I really often enjoyed the relaxing area of the hotel. In the every evening we ate a multi-course dinner which always tasted good. Skiing is really fun! But on the 6th we had to leave the hotel and go back to Linz. Johannes' mum said that we had to wake up really soon because the next day there was school again.

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