Friday, 6 December 2013

My day with Chiara

Hey guys, it’s me again, Scaffy!
On Monday I went home with Chiara. It was a long, but funny busride to Chiara’s place. When we got home we had a little snack. After having a TV-break Chiara had to do her homework and I helped her with it, because I’m a very clever sheep, as you know! ;) When she had finally finished I learned something about art: Chiara showed me how to draw! My best drawing was a flower – hers were some more difficult.
In the afternoon we sang some wonderful songs. My favorite was „Things We Lost In The Fire“. Later Chiara’s mother came home from work. Then we had our dinner, which I also enjoyed very much. We had eggs with bacon! Yummy!
After that we had a sensual evening. Chiara’s house is already decorated very festively. A very beautiful advent calender is hanging at a wall in the living room. But I really liked the advent wreath. Here’s a pic of me sitting on it (between that was very funny, although I was a little bit scared of the flames):
In the end it was a very nice day with Chiara. See you soon my lovelies, your Scaffy J

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