Friday, 28 September 2012

A Day with Franzi :) ;)

It's Friday and I'm really happy, because my friend Franziska, called Franzi, took me with her. So I'm in Gallneukirchen. That's a small city near Linz. And that's where Franzi lives. She's really nice and she has got a dog. Her dog is called Mogli and he's a Tibet Terrier. Franzi made a picture of me and him, but he wanted to eat me, so I was very scared to sit next to him, but it wasn't too bad.
At half past five Franzi met the altar boys and girls. They are all very, very nice and friendly. I had a lot of fun and made some new friends. We played in the garden and Claudia, a very nice girl, looked after me, because I can't run very fast. I hurt my knee so I couldn't run very fast, but I had a lot of fun with Claudia and that day was perfect.
In the picture you can see me with all my friends from the altar boys and girls. On the left side is Eve, next to her is Annika, in front of Annika is Magdalena, next to Magdalena is Franzi, who is holding me :) Behind Franzi is Anja and next to Anja is Julia. Then, there are Johannes and Barbara. Next to Barbara is Lukas and at the right side in the picture is Tobias. They are all very nice and I was sad when I had to say goodbye :(

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