Thursday, 27 September 2012

A shopping day

Today I was shopping with Magdalena and her cousin Bernadette. They always go to the “Pluscity” shopping center in Pasching, so we went there, too. It took us about twenty minutes from Linz to get there.
On this special day a new shop called “Bershka” had its opening so there where so many people that we had trouble to stay together. We went from shop to shop and bought a lot of nice clothes.
At the end we had fun trying on some very unusal and horrible dresses and made photos of each other to remember that day years after.
Shopping makes hungry. So we decided to have some Chinese food. When we were eating, suddenly the lights went off. At this moment everybody was so quiet, that we could hear the traffic from outside. It was a gloomy atmosphere and a little child didn’t make it any better when it started to cry loudly next to us.
Seconds later the lights went on again. People were looking around with a shocked glance in their faces, but after a short time normality returned and everybody went on with what, they had been doing before.

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