Monday, 10 September 2012

First impressions of the Petrinum

Hi all,
In the holidays I’ve already seen some photos of the Petrinum. I think it’s a very cool school. I’ve read that there is an observatory. It’s at the northern side of the Petrinum in a small tower.
Some people say the Petrinum looks like a prison. I don’t think so. I think it’s a beautiful school with great rooms. For sports the Petrinum is also very good. There’s one big football ground and two smaller ones, there’s also a tennis ground and a fistball ground. A claycourt, a running track, two beach volleyball places and a swimming pool, too. In the school there is also a library. It’s big and there are also some books which are interesting for me. The Petrinum was a boarding school and now it’s a normal school. The Petrinum is a very old school, it was built in 1897 but then it was only for boys. Now there are boys and girls at school, I think it’s better this way!

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