Monday, 24 September 2012

Meeting the headmaster

You won't believe it, but today I met Mr. Asanger, the headmaster of the Petrinum! We went to see him during the big break after the maths lession for a photo, which is very nice.

Mag. Franz Asanger has been the headmaster of the Petrinum since 1st September 2000. That's a long time, isn't it? The Petrinum is a private school in Linz and was officially dedicated on 2nd July 1895, so it's 127 years old! During the first World War the school was used as a military hospital. It's unbelievable, but in the second World War Adolf Hitler planned to turn the school into a technical college!

First the Petrinum was only for boys, but since 1993 also girls can go to school there. It was also a boarding school, but in 1999 the boarding school closed. In 2005 Pope Benedikt XVI slept in the Petrinum during his visit to Austria! Since 2009 there's a new observatory. Now it's one of the biggest schools in Linz and it has also got an indoor swimming pool!

I think the Petrinum is a very nice school with an interesting history and Mr. Asanger is a good headmaster.

All in all it was a very interesting day!

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