Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A school trip to Steyr

On the 19th of September, it was a very rainy day, I was in the „World of Work“ in Steyr with the students of the 4c. A man called Phillip showed us around and told us a lot of interesting things. Then the students had to make little groups. I learned about different types of jobs around the world and I really think it was very interesting. 
I am on the picture with Bernhard, Patrick, Paul and Markus. They had to answer the questions on the handout and then they had to build a little vacuum cleaner called Polsterboy. I also helped them with the Polsterboy and after then minutes, we finished the work. Phillip told us that the people in the factories built a Polsterboy in 61 seconds. And they have to do that eight hours every day! I think it was very funny. After this, the groups had to present what they had found out. I think all the groups did a very good job. After two hours the day in the „World of Work“ was over. On this day I learned a lot.

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