Sunday, 30 September 2012

At the funfair

Today I was at a funfair with Linda, Ines, Katharina, Lea, Sabrina, Julia and Marlena. In Linz they call it “Urfahranermarkt“. It was so crazy! We took a lot of thrill rides and some of them looked very scary, but they absolutely weren´t. On the contrary, it was so funny that we went over and over again. I liked “The Xtreme“ best. You can see it on the picture. It looks like a star.

People go to the “Urfahanermarkt“ to eat and drink, have fun or buy candy floss. The best food tasted were the fruits with chocolate coating. I just couldn´t stop eating them and drinking´s a coloured iced drink...
Always on the first night, when the funfair is opened, there is a long and very beautiful firework. Many people are right on the river and watch it.

The girl on the right hand side of the picture is called Linda. The one middle is called Julia and on the left hand side there is Ines. Too bad that I´m not looking into the camera.
It was really funny with the girls and I hope that I can visit them again soon.



  1. Scaffy is sure having a lot of fun... I wouldn't mind being in his shoes.
    Greetings from Croatia to Scaffy and his friends!

  2. Thanks, Mirela! How are you doing! Perhaps we'll meet again one day in Limerick!