Friday, 25 October 2013

What's up, people? It's Scaffy here.

On Friday the 25th October I went home with Manuel. He lives on a farm at the border of Linz and Kirchschlag with his parents, his elder brother, his younger sister and his grandmother. They have sheep! That's so cool. Unfortunately, we couldn' t see them, because they were too far away to see. Their sheep are not as cool as me, but they are related to me, so it's cool that his parents have sheep. At first we ate plum dumplings. They were really good. After dinner he did his homework, because he said, that he wouldn't have enough time to do it on Saturday or Sunday. Then Manuel and I played Playsation 3. He can't play Playstation 3 during the week, but at the weekends the sometimes plays it for about half an hour. His favourite game is Fifa 14, so we played a match. I chose the Irish National Team and he played with his favourite club Chelsea FC. On the picture you can see my favorite player. It is very difficult for me to play, because I don't have any fingers, but nevertheless I think Fifa 14 is a very cool game. Then we played football. I'm a very good goalkeeper, because I held a lot of his shots, but outside the goal I'm not so good. I think football is a very cool sport. It's not a traditional Irish sport, but it's really cool. Manuel told me, that he plays football with his brother or he plays football in his club. After playing football I listened to him, while he was playing the guitar. I also tried to play it, because in Ireland a lot of people play the guitar, but I think it looks easier than it is. But now I can already play some handles. In the evening we ate a snack and then we watched the "GROSSE CHANCE". It was fun to watch and there were a lot good talents. Manuel told me that he usually does these things at the weekend. During the week he can't always do that, because of homework and tests. So it was a really cool day!

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