Sunday, 6 October 2013

Urfahranermarkt with Monika, Eva and Anna

Hello! On Sunday the 6th of October I went to the „Urfahranermarkt“ with Monika, Eva and Anna. It was very cool there. The Urfahranermarkt takes place only one week every half a year. When I was there, it was the last day. You can take a lot of rides like break dance, magic, chaos or crazymouse. These are the four vehicles I liked best! But there are not only rides, but also some sales stands where you can  buy clothes and jewelery. And of course also stands, which sell some things to eat. There were sausages called „Bratwürstel“ and also sweet things like fruit spears , which were covered with chocolate. They tasted so good! Under  the text you can see a picture with Anna and Eva and with me in the middle.
It was a very cool day with them!

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