Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rockin' all over Sipoo!

After I had been singing rap, I wanted to change style and try some metal. I got to play drums, and it was really fun!

I also tried to play the piano, but it was really hard. As they say in Finnish: “Harjoitus tekee mestarin”, Practice makes perfect...


  1. Hey Scaffy,
    They in Finnland are so right!
    Practice makes perfekt!!
    I play the guitar and I have to play all the songs again and again... so practice makes perfect.. I'm not perfect in playing the guitar but I'm getting better and better!
    If we'll ever meet again, visit me and let's play together! :D
    Franzi ;**

  2. Hi Scafy,
    I hope you enjoy your time in Finland. We miss you very much. Can you come back to us?? We would be very happy if we saw you again!!
    I think you look very cool on these pictures!! I can play the guitar and think this instrument is really cool!!! Music is cool at all!!
    Sabrina :D

  3. Hey Scaffy,
    I miss you so very much but i hope that you have a lot of fun in Finland!:D
    Please can you send me a song from the band because i want to hear a new song.
    The music in the different countries is very interesting.
    Ciao and a happy live. I hope we meet us again!xD

  4. Hey Scaffy,
    I miss you so much! I hope you enjoy your holiday in Finland but when I see what cool stuff you are doing there I think you have no problems with these nice people! :)
    I want to hear one of your soundtracks because our music is boring. :/ Maybe you can give me a song when we see each other again!;) I miss you so much!
    yours, Bernhard :3

  5. hey Scaffy!
    I see you have a lot of fun with the people in Finland!
    I played keyboard for three or four years but then I stopped playing because I had no time to practise. Now I really want to begin playing the piano.
    I hope you enjoy your Finland trip!

  6. Hey Scaffy!!!

    I see you play the piano and that is very great!
    I also play the piano and I think it is very very funny!
    We can play together when you are in Austria again!
    I hope we will see us soon!
    I miss you!

    Love Pauli:D

  7. Hi Scaffy!

    I hope that you have some fun in Finland.
    I saw that you tried to play some music instruments.
    I love music, too! I also played the keyboard for about three years, but after the three years I stopped playing, because I wanted to try something new.
    I hope that we will see us soon!


  8. hey scaffy,
    oh I see, you're an ambitious music maker:) I really think that you'r one of the world's best rappers! I miss you I wish I could rap with you and you could teach us the new techniques you've learnt in finnland! Perhaps when you come back to us austrians:) And I see you're playing a really tricky, diffucult song on the piano.. Hope you managed to play it - when you're back please let me hear it:)

    miss u :(

  9. Hey Scaffy,
    First:You rock!
    Second:I miss you scaffy.
    I find it really cool that you can play the drumms and the piano now.
    I wish I can her you when you rock over Sipoo.I am sure you have a lot of fans in Finnland.
    I hope you are well


  10. Hi Scaffy,
    I miss you so much, please come sone back to Austria. I want to hear you playing the drums and the keyboard. That must be fun - a music making sheep. Now i've got a question, what is your favourite band????

  11. Hi Scaffy,
    Hope you can come back to Ireland for a visit soon !!
    Don't forget your roots!!
    From Joan and all at UL Language Centre