Friday, 7 June 2013


As my time in Finland was drawing to a close, 
I was able to attend the Finnish graduation ceremony called 'lakitus
- that's Finnish for 'getting the white cap' as a sign of finishing upper secondary school.
All the students were dressed up for the occasion...

....there was music...

My 'old' friend Hassan even rapped for the graduates!

There were 44 of them this year, and they listened tearfully to Gaudeamus Igitur, an official farewell song to high school leavers in Finland (and elsewhere)...


Hopefully, getting back to Mozartland will give me inspiration 
in my piano studies ;)

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  1. Just saying hi to Scaffy from his native land! I've been thinking of you Scaffy as we have another great group of teachers on the ICT course. I'll be telling them all about you! Come back to visit soon!
    Joan (ULLC Limerick)