Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hello everybody, long time no see... 

You see, I've been taking it easy *offline* on the Finnish SKIING holidays:

I found it slightly awkward to find the right size gear, though...

Keep reading and you will know more!


  1. hey scafy,
    did you enjoy your skiing holiday!!!
    I like skiing very much and we were on a skiing holiday with the school, too. It was very funny!!
    The weather was fine and our accommodation was cool, too!!

  2. Hello Scaffy!
    We (so the 4th classes of the Petrinum) were on a skiing trip for five days. It started on the 17th of March and endet on the 22nd. It was very cool. We stayed in a kind of hotel. It was also very cool. The weather was not bad but also not very good. In the afternoons the snow wasn't snow anymore it looked like crashed-ice because the snow melted. All in all this trip was very funny!!
    Best wishes from the Petrinum!
    Laura :D

  3. Hey Scaffy,
    I miss you so very much!xD
    I hope your skiing holidays were so cool how mine, because i was with the class in Saalbach-Hinterglemm and it was fantastic *-*
    I can see that the weather was fine.
    The weather in Saalbach was also good but not perfect.
    I wish you a lucky live!:D

  4. Hi Scaffy,
    I hope you had a really enjoyable holiday to chill out! This year i learned how to go skiing aswell and I think it's really awesome. The weather on the mountains is very weird: The sun is very hot but the air is cold. Anyways you have a great view of the valley. :3
    I hope you enjoyed your holiday like I did!

    greetings Bernhard

  5. hey Scaffy!
    I miss you so much! ;*
    I hope your skiing holidays were cool. The 4th classes of the Petrinum were on skiing holidays, too but I didn't go with them because I don't like skiing. While they were skiing I was in another class of the Petrinum but then I got sick and I have to stay at home. This was so bad because then we had Easter holidays and I had to stay in bed. :(
    Best wishes

  6. hey scaffy,
    your first time on ski! i hope you like driving down the hills and mountains of the finish landscape... and ... don't give up nobody is a master when he tries it the first time.. it needs a lot of practice to be good:) you can try it again when youre next to us in austria again! Perhaps not with me - I'm a looser at skiing;)
    okey scaffy i hope you're fine in finnland

  7. Hi Scaffy!

    I hope you enjoyed your skiing holidays! I know the first time trying something new is very difficult.
    But practise makes perfect! I also enjoy skiing. We have a lot of mountains in Austria, so there are a lot of beautiful ski areas. We were also on skiing trip for five days. I really enjoyed it!
    I hope I will see you soon, Scaffy!


  8. Hi Scaffy!

    I miss you. I can see you were skiing. Do you like it? I like skiing very much. A few weeks ago we were on a skitrip in Saalbach Hinterglemm.It was very cool and exciting.I must say you look like a great skiidriver.Maybe we can go skiing together when you are back.
    I hope you come back soon.