Thursday, 14 February 2013


I met Sipoon Lukio’s mascot, Rysky(?). He was pretty big and a bit scary first. But afterwards he turned out to be a good fellow.

Then I visited the arts class and I saw a table what was made from books! I think that was interesting and cool. And of course I wanted to take a picture with that.

And last thing what I did was that I helped Lassi to get his books out from his locker. The book was quite heavy so Lassi helped me a bit.

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  1. hey scaffy,
    well, this bear is so scary! I would have been so scared off if i had been you! This table is so creative - i wish we would create something like that in school... Perhaps I should visit finnland too^^ You know, school in austria is that boring without you:/ Hope to hear from you next time!
    yours, Ines