Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Preparations with Belén!

This week was special because we had two more days of vacationsAnd I wanted to go with Belen. She told me we were going to go to the mountains to play in the snowbut at the end we couldn’t go. But we did a lot of things:
The classes ended on Wednesday and it was a quiet daybecause we were a bit tiredWe organized the homework of Belen and then at 22.30  THE VOICE began.  Do you know it? The Coaches of the program are MalúMelendi, Rosario Flores and David BisbalThe next day there was no class so we saw it complete. I love it! And I want to see it next Wednesday.

On Thursday we went to ‘’SAN SEBASTIAN DE LOS REYES’’to ... IKEAWe had to buy the desks of Belen and her brother, AndrewIn the morning already we were there, we were there all day, and we had to find furniture and ideas for their new home (they recently moved). When we returned we assembled the desks and I had a good time!

Friday was another quiet day.  We were tired after assembling the desks. I loved the views from the Belen’s room and I spent a good time there.

I was also seeing the catalogue of presents for Christmasand I saw a lot of very pretty stuffed animalsI'm looking forward to the gifts and festivals!

The next day we started to decorate the Christmas treeThis year we chose to put three colors: gold, blue and purple. We put ballspresentssnowflakes,stars, angels, bows and a lot more!
I love decorating the Christmas treeIt’s so funny and beautiful.

The last day we made the Nativity Scene.  In Spain, it is called Belen and it’s so incredible because I was with Belen this weekend!  First we put the floor, then the grass, sand, and then snow! Don’t panic, it’s false!  At the end we put the figures on the snow.

These five days with Belen I've had a great time and I hope that the other days I’m going to spend with you are equally or more fun.


  1. Hey Scaffy!

    I read that you watched LA VOZ. I know this show because there is the same on German TV. Germans call the show: THE VOICE OF GERMANY.:D.
    I like it. The coaches of THE VOICE OF GERMANY are: Nena, Rea Garvey, Xavier Naidoo and The BOSS HOSS:)

    I hope you are ok!
    I hope I will see you soon.


  2. Hey Scaffy! I miss you a lot! Do you remember the end of the voice? yeah! Rafa wons! I think you want Maika to won. But you love Rafa! Are you a heavy sheep?