Thursday, 27 December 2012

Olivia and Scaffy's Christmas

Hi everyone and merry Christmas!
I’ve had a lot of fun these past days!
On December 21st, after school of course, I went to Olivia’s house (again!) because I was staying with her until the 26th


That day she showed me the beautiful “Belén” (nativity scene) she has in her living room and she took a picture of me next to it.

The first two days we just rested. We were both really tired and just wanted to relax. We read, we watched movies, we listened to music… and we slept a lot!

On Christmas Eve we were busier. Olivia’s family had most of the things prepared for that night’s dinner but, as always, there were some little things to buy. Everyone was really excited and I wasn’t an exception. This was the first time I celebrated Christmas abroad!


The dinner was delicious! There were prawns, iberic sausages, “foie gras”, consommé, turkey... I tried “turrón” (nougat) and “polvorones” for the first time.  Both of them are Christmas sweets typical from Spain. I was so full and tired that I fell asleep immediately that night.


The next day was Christmas! Olivia woke me up really early and we had a lot of fun opening presents! We played with them until lunch time and then had a wonderful meal.

The next day Olivia took me to Raquel’s house. They chatted and then Olivia said goodbye. I think she was a little bit sad so I gave her a big hug. Now I am with Raquel and I am going to have the best holidays ever! 


  1. Scaffy,
    I think you have got a lot of fun and the students look very nice...
    miss you <3

  2. Oh Scaffy,
    I miss you so much. I think I would also like Christmas there it looks so sweet and the dinner looks also so great

  3. merry christmas! ( a bit late)
    i hope you're fine in spain and you had a nice christmas eve! Although i can't imagine to have christmas when it's not very cold outside...

  4. hey Scaffy!!!
    I miss you so much. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!!
    Besides thanks for the bookmarks the pupils from Spain made for us!!! They are verry cool!!!

  5. hi Scaffy!!!
    I hope you had a beautiful christmas and thank you for the very nice bookmarks!!! Miss you so much ;*

  6. Happy New Year to everybody! I think Scaffy had a good time on Christmas Eve, didn't you Scaffy? We're gonna miss you a lot!
    I'm really glad you liked the bookmarks we made! We loved the chocolates, biscuits and the cake you sent!