Monday, 31 December 2012


Hello! I´d like to tell you where I was from December 26 to 30. After passing some great days with Olivia, she took me to Raquel´s house on the 26. I could have a day to rest, because the next day Raquel´s family and I went to Barcelona!

It was a long trip, but when we got there we were very excited. We arrived at Raquel´s grandparents’ house in the evening, so after resting a bit we went for a walk around the neighborhood that is called Gran de Gràcia.


             The next day we woke up early to visit the whole city, so we took the touristic bus. 

I could see lots of things like “la Sagrada Familia”, “la Casa Mila” and “la Casa Batllo”, that were built by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi, some important squares and the Port. 


                         We stopped there for lunch and we ate a delicious fideuá. It was really nice!


In the afternoon we visited “el Parque Güel”. It was also built by Gaudi. It´s very unusual, but I liked it so much because it´s very curious and colorful.

The next day we went for a long walk from our house to the Port. We could see some monuments again, and we passed through the most important streets, to see the beautiful houses and the “Gothic Neighborhood”. We also crossed the “Rambla”, a very long street full of stalls. I liked it, but it was full of people.

  We stopped in the Colon Square, right next to the sea.

                           Then we took a little ship that gave us a tour of the Port. It was a nice trip.
                           In the afternoon we rest and we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

On the 30 we prepared everything to come back to Madrid. We arrived home at half past three after a five hours trip, more or less. I have really enjoyed these three days, and I liked Barcelona so much. It has been a beautiful experience! 


  1. Scaffy - you are really having some amazing adventures with some amazing people!

  2. Hi Scaffy, ´
    How are you?
    Have you ever met Lionel Messi?
    And the pimary thing is: How is the food in Barcelona? :D

  3. I think Scaffy had a nice trip in Barcelona:), but he couldn´t meet Messi. However, he could see the Camp Nou, the Barcelona football field:))He also liked the food there, with fideua and other restaurants in which you can find all kinds of food!