Friday, 11 January 2013

Last Day at School :(

What an incredible day this has been.  

The class of 3º ESO threw a little bon voyage party for me this afternoon.  

They wrote lots of sweet messages for me on the blackboard... 

...and we took lots of photos.  Here I am with the 17 students who invited me to their homes these last 2 months.

And here is a group photo of us in front of the giant map of Ireland they all made as part of their SCAFenger Hunt project.   It shows all the places that I visited on my trip through Ireland with Ms. Payreder.  (It brought back so many nice memories of that fabulous trip!) 

We also had a chance to talk a lot.  I told them that I really loved Spain and that, thanks to them and their families, I had learned so much about Spanish customs.  I also told them that they were a fantastic class and  I thanked them for treating me so well!

They all said that they would miss me and I almost cried when they said that they couldn't imagine what the class would be like without me.  And they told me that if I ever wanted to come back to Madrid, I would always have friends here waiting for me.

They were also a bit worried about my future.  They wanted to know what I would do over the summer and in September, but I just couldn't give them an answer.  They said it would be awesome if the four schools could get together and they could all meet each other and I could see everybody again!  That would be awesome!!!

And after all the photos and the laughing and the talking.....we all realized how hard it is to say good-bye to good friends.  

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