Monday, 7 January 2013

The Famous Three Kings Parade

Hi!  Last night (January 5th), I was in the 2013 Three Kings Parade with Patricia and Claudia!    



We were waiting for two hours and finally the parade started.  It had a lot of carriages and all of them threw candies to the people who were watching. 


                    There were even Spanish sheep in the parade!  I was so happy to see them!


After six or more carriages arrived the moment I was nervously waiting for.... the three kings : Melchor , Gaspar and Baltasar appeared in three big carriages pulled by horses.

I liked this parade with Patricia and Claudia a lot!  They gave me lots of  candies!


The morning of the 6th of January, I ate the typical ring-shaped cake called "roscón" and I drank hot chocolate with it. It was very delicious!


  1. Thank you for the bookmark!!!
    I love it :)

  2. wow, the roscón looks really delicious... i think you felt very well in middle of your sheep-friends;)

  3. That sounds great! I hope you are happy in Spain. We all miss you very much!
    There are three kings in Austria, too. They are going from house to house, singing christmas songs and asking for a donation for all the poor people in vietnam, guatemala and so on.
    I wish you a great time and much fun!

  4. Hi Scaffy!

    How are you?
    I hope you are having a nice time in Spain. On these pictures you look very happy,
    so I think you enjoy it.


  5. Thx for the bookmark!
    It looks really great :)


  6. Hi scaffy,
    I see that you had a great time in Spain.The roscon looks very good.
    Thank you for the nice bookmarks!Hope youre fine.
    Magdalena :*