Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Off to Finland!!

Today Zuzanna took me shopping and we bought some typical Christmas sweets for the students in Finland.  Most of them are made with almonds, because there are so many almond trees here in Spain.  I hope they like them.  I also hope I don't get too hungry on my way to Finland and eat some of them!  

We decided that the box that Ms. Payreder had found for me for my trip over to Spain was the perfect size for me.  So, we changed the addresses on the box, put some extra tape on the ends and..... 

in I went!

Bye Spain!!!  Thank you so much for the wonderful memories!

Yours forever,


  1. Hey Scaffy,
    Everything you did in Spain sounds great!
    I hope you've great fun and don't become ill on your tour to Finnland!
    I can understand that you're sad about leaving Spain, but maybe you can visit Spain and Austria again in a year or so...
    I would be very happy if I can see you again!
    Franzi ;**

  2. Hey Scaffy,
    I miss you so very much!xD
    I heard that you leave Spain and I wish you beautiful weeks in Finland ;)
    I hope you visit us in Austria again, because the time with you was so funny xD
    I wish you a lucky live!:D