Sunday, 13 January 2013

Time for a wash!

Sheep in Ireland are the cleanest sheep in the world.  They spend their days outside in the fields and, since it's always raining in Ireland, they have showers almost daily!

In Madrid it doesn't rain often at all.  And I had been noticing that my wool wasn't as shiny and white as it was when I was back in Limerick.  I was also worried that the students in Finland wouldn't like me because I was a little bit dirty.  Then, Zuzanna had a great idea!  

She took me home and gave me a good wash in her washing machine!  It was so much fun! 
 Like a roller coaster! 

 Unfortunately, getting dry wasn't so exciting.


  1. Hey Scaffy,
    Hahaha I have to laught so much when i saw the picture of you in the washing machine!
    It lookes so funny!
    I hope you're alright and dry now! :)
    Haven't you bump your head in the washing machine?
    I see that you're having great fun in Spain!
    Franzi ;**

  2. Hi Scaffy!

    It loooooooooks so funny:'D
    I hope for you it was very nice!
    I think i should go in a washing machine too, because it looks more funier than to have a shower xD

    I miss you!
    Love Pauli!