Friday, 3 August 2012

Leprechauns and famous songs


I want to tell you about my interesting journey to Dublin. On the first day we visited the national leprechaun museum. We were told that the word “leprechaun” comes from the Irish Lu Chorpain meaning small body.

The leprechaun is a character of Irish mythology. It is very rich but extremely shrewd and if you catch one don’t take your eyes off him, or he will disappear. The leprechaun lives in a secluded spot, usually a small hole in the ground, where he has a comfortable little home. If you want to know more about him, search on the internet and you will find a lot of exciting stories.

Everywhere we went we heard the “Molly Malone” song. It is the hymn of Dublin and a well-known folk song. Because of that I tried to get some information about it. Some people know it under the name “Cockles and Mussels”. The song was written by James Yorkston of Edinburgh and tells us the story of a good-looking young girl who sells fish on a market. In the story she dies because of an unknown reason. You should listen to it. I am sure you will find it on “Youtube”.

In the picture you can see a leprechaun in front of a statue of Molly Mallone with her wheel-barrow.

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