Friday, 3 August 2012

An Irish pub

In Ireland I really like the pubs. The pubs are small but there are many people in it. Some are just hanging around but others are also dancing to the music… Live music is played in almost every pub.
Mostly there are little bands in the pubs which play songs, composed by themselves. The Irish people can be proud of their music, ‘cause almost everybody plays an Instrument and has got a pretty voice. A popular instrument is the Irish harp. When you look at an Irish Euro, for example, you can see it. And there’s also the airplane “Ryanair” which has the Irish harp painted on every airplane.. So in most pubs there is a little stage were the irish people show you their dancing style. The culture of the Irish pubs includes music and communication. In Ireland, the pub is not only a central meeting place for talking and playing music. It’s also an important place where you can met for business things and for social life. So you can see several generations there. 

And here’s a picture of a pub from outside.. 


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