Saturday, 4 August 2012

The valley of the two lakes

Today I went to Glendalough with Miss Payreder. Glendalough is a valley near Dublin. It's known for its monastic settlements.

On this picture you can see me with the great round tower. In the background you can see St. Kevin's Cross. It's a big cross in front of the round tower and I like these two sights in Glendalough. The woman with the funny blue jacket in the background is a good friend of mine. I met her in Dublin last week.

You can see the little church. This is my favourite church in Ireland. On the very old wall you can see a sign, there you can read much about this church. The walls a also a special thing in Glendalough. They are very old and cold but they look very nice. Behind the church you can see the great round tower again!

This was a very funny day in Glendalough with Miss Payreder! :)

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