Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Day with Raquel

Hello! I´d like to tell you that on November 22 I could spend a day with Raquel. We did a lot of things, and I had a great time.
We got home when we finished classes, at lunchtime. She didn’t want to tell me what we were going to do, because it was a surprise. 


When I came into the kitchen, it smelled really good. Soon I realized that her grandmother had made the famous “paella” she promised! It looked awesome, and it had every ingredient you can imagine: prawns, pepper, mussels, squid, green peas… and a lot of yellow rice! The “paella” was really nice, and I even had seconds. I also noticed that Spanish people love bread with their meals, and I liked it too. For dessert, she gave me a coke “chupa chups”, like a lollipop, and I loved it too.

After having lunch and resting for a while, she had another surprise for me.



Suddenly she appeared with a very colorful suit, with two castanets and a white rose. She explained to me that it was a typical Spanish flamenco dress. I loved wearing it and learning how to dance the “sevillanas”. It was so funny and we had a great time!


  1. Dear Scaffy
    this paella looks really delicious ..... :)
    and with the dress you're the most beautiful sheep in the world! ;)
    greet sabrina

  2. hi Scaffy
    you look so beautiful in this dress! The flower on your head is als very pretty!
    It seems like you get very delicious food in Spane!
    Enjoy your time in Spane.

  3. I´m glad you like Scaffy´s dress, because it is very typical from Spain, and especially from Andalucía. Also the paella is a typical dish, and I hope you try it someday, because you´ll like it!