Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend with Laura

Hi! I am here again! This Saturday I went with Laura to eat cocido madrileño.


We went to a restaurant called La Taberna de la Daniela, a very famous restaurant in Madrid.
This typical food has three parts, the soup, the vegetables and the meat.


                                   It was yummy and the thing I liked most was the soup.


As dessert we ate milhojas, which is made of hojaldre (or puff pastry in English), cream and custard.
Is one of the most delicious desserts I've ever eaten!


In the afternoon Laura and me went to a mall with Patricia....


.... and we bought a lot of things, like make-up and clothes.
We have an amazing afternoon!

 On Sunday we didn't do anything special but we sleep until late and we play some table games and cards. 
It has been a really funny weekend!

But on Monday morning I had headache and had to remain in bed.
At the end of the day I really wanted to return to school to see everyone.



  1. Oh my good, so a good food, it looks so great
    I want also such a good looking food and you've got a really nice Pokerface at the last picture ;)

  2. Dear Scaffy
    I miss you very much and hope you are doing well in spain.
    in our class is a laura,too .... maybe you remember! ;)
    greet Sabrina

  3. wow, that food looks great! particularly the cake ;) I think scaffy has got very much fun with you! enjoy your days!

  4. Yes,Scaffy enjoyed a lot teasting our typical food, I think that he/she´ll never forget that was so increidible!
    Now Scaffy isn´t with us and we miss him/her too much.. I hope you to be as happy with Scaffy as we have been.